Ice dragon Fulvinter unleashed a never-ending wintertime all over Ysslandril!

Wield the Hammer of Seasons and explore Viking-inspired labyrinthine islands riddled with enemies, challenging jumps and original puzzles. Combine your dexterity with your partner to defeat the devious villain of this Norse tale, Fulvinter. And do not get distracted, a second duo of friends can join the action to compete for glory!

Two is company

To defeat the dragon Fulvinter a single hero is not enough. Those who best cultivate fraternity by combining their skill and ingenuity, will be able to go further and higher than anyone else. To get up together from the stumbles; to get the glory arriving first. Two hammers crush better than one.


The land of Ysslandril

There was a time when springs followed winters, and summers gave way to autumns. The Ysslandril's magic flowed with the passing of seasons... until one spring day, when the first dandelion flew high, Fulvinter, the White Worm, unleashed its icy breath.

Hammer of Seasons

If there is a representative artifact of the Ysslandril's magic is this relic of past times: a hammer endowed with the powers of seasons, waiting for the chosen ones to unleash its full potential. A noble and powerful tool with which to make your way along these inhospitable lands.

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    Platformer, Action-adventure, Multiplayer

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    up to 4 players



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