Fun Together

The Players

The Multiplayer

When one plus one adds more than two...

To defeat the dragon Fulvinter a single hero is not enough. Those who best cultivate fraternity by combining their skill and ingenuity, will be able to go further and higher than anyone else. To get up together from the stumbles; to get the glory arriving first. Two hammers crush better than one.

Playing together

The most important: teamwork

Whether you play with a friend or alone, your destiny is linked to your partner. Tied with a rope you will have to cooperate to find the way to the top. Discover that where one does not arrive, together you will be able to break the limits. Combine your control skills and join forces to overcome the obstacles that Fulvinter will put on the way!

New game mechanics

Two minds, one goal

When a rope ties you, use it! Playing as a couple opens up new horizons to reach goals that are unattainable alone, but with a partner they are closer. Master the partner throwing to save complicated situations. Coordinate attacks to eliminate annoying enemies. And put two minds at the service of the solution to the Crafty Rival's puzzles.

Human or CPU

But always a full experience

Playing alone or playing together, Fulvinter is a full experience no matter how many players you meet in front of screen. The action-in-couple game mechanic will work thanks to your friends or else, the CPU itself will take care of it. But you will never be alone, nor they will leave you hanging ... Well, only if necessary!

The action-in-couple game mechanics make Fulvinter an ideal videogame to be enjoyed by the whole family and any type of audience, regardless of their experience or skill. Where the most experienced player can help advance the most novice one. Where everyone finds fun playing together at the same level.

... And you have room at home

Up to 4 concurrent players in the same game.

We do cooperate ... or do we compete?

Up to four players, divided into two couples, can enjoy the action of the same game. Will you start alone the level? Do you wait for friends or unexpected guests arrive? As in the old arcades, at any moment of the current game a friend can join by wielding another hammer and help you reach the end...

Or maybe he forms a second couple that will compete to overcome you and takes the victory of the level. You choose how to play, when to combine efforts and when to betray you compete for the best booty.


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