As if they were nails

Heroes NOT welcome

Fulvinter's Bane, as the explosion of uncontrolled dragon magic was called, perverted all life on the islands. Now the Crafty Rival has an army at his disposal,... although it is not exactly as it expected.



Despite the size of their skull, Skreppa are dopey creatures who only know how to ram. Their characteristic red nose is due to the repeated blows produced in their charges since they were piglets.

They can be found free-ranging principally in Niflheim, near Fulvinter's lair. The dragon has them in high esteem, especially at dinner time.


Jotunheim, Niflheim

Growing in the damp shade of the glacier, intoxicated by the magic that Fulvinter gives off, actually, the svamp are poor unfortunate creatures: when the dragon roars, the ice crystals fall like a shower of arrows on their hats. The impact is so violent that the lack of a mouth to express itself makes them jump off the ground. Devoid of roots and mouths, they do not find rest on the frozen ground of Niflheim and set out on an eternal march until some being ends up reducing them to spores again.



They are short-sighted birds flying low so they can see their prey. Gossiping tongues suggest that their proximity to the earth is due to the weight of their chubby backside. The lack of vision also makes them confuse people with nests where laying their eggs, with the consequent problems of procreation (legendary of the species) and with shortages of battered foods in the ysslandrilenian's diet. The same gossiping tongues claim that the fact of going around laying eggs on people's head has to do with an imperative incontinence. So great appendage for such dysfunction. We do not know how they have survived evolution; that is magic.


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